Monday, July 31, 2006

Howard and Costello. Who's on first? An old routine.

The Canberra Press fraternity endlessly amuse themselves with the Costello versus Howard non-battle. Your average Australian doesn't really care, but the press seem to think it is a big news story.
A few weeks back the media went into a frenzy, circling around like vultures. Of course these vultures didn't find a dying carcass, only two politically fit entities. The Liberal party would be insane to disrupt the status quo. Labor is still in a shambles and they dream that the Liberal leadership group would consume itself in a leadership battle. Dream on!
The Liberal Party are currently paying $1.57 to win the next election and it seems like a good bet.

Oh ah Hezbollah!, I said oh ah Hezbollah!!

Their is nothing more dangerous than dabbling into the politics of the Middle East. No matter what stance you take you are sure to be attacked by one side or the other. What is tragic is the hypocrisy and short-memories of some of the fly by night commentators that have aired their opinions of late.
The worse that come to mind are your generic morning news teams. You would think news staff at any TV station in the world would have the gumption to realise the current Isreal-Hezbollah conflict has complex roots and complex definitions. That didn't stop one breakast news host from going into a tirade about ending the war immediately and demanding an immediate end to hostilities.
Do the media live in a bubble? Do they think being on TV gives them magical powers?
Rather than trying to find someone who has some understanding of the situation, they are quite happy to reel off any crap that comes into their minds.
I suppose it's my fault for not switching off.

The beginning

After a decade of deceitful trolling, the time has come to join the blog army and put my opinions and thoughts up for scrutiny. This blog starts with no real mission, but I'm sure it will evolve. One thing I'm sure of is that we live in interesting times, so there will be no shortage of things to SLAG OFF!
Politics will take centre stage, but I'm sure sport will rear it's ugly head at some stage.
I will attempt to remain politically neutral, but that all depends on the stupidity of the left and right. Currently the left are winning the stupidity war, but I'm sure the right are capable of a fightback.
Oh well see you in the electronic world !!