Tuesday, October 31, 2006

World Tour goes all Danske.

Denmark is great place.
I've written a brief amount about it before, but I can't help myself to praise the Danes again.

In every aspect of life, the Danes seem to be ahead of the world.
Their national constitution is unique in that, while still be a constitutional Monarchy, it requires the Monarchy to serve it's people rather than the other way around. Citizens are given unparalleled rights.
Before you jump up and down and accuse me of being a socialist lackey, the Danes don't see it as socialism. It is more of preserving their way of life.
The Danes were the last great resistance to European Union. They felt Europe had to lift it's game to their standards, not lower their own. It was not based on Marxist ideology, more preservation of a large family that looked after itself.

Danish food is the best in Europe.
While probably not having the widest variety of recipes and variety, the quality is the finest.
Danish produce managed to survive the ravages of European disease. Their cows make the best milk and the pigs are the best eating around. The quality of it's dairy, make the best Danish Pastries.
Before you say that you've had a Danish Pastry, I will tell you now that the Danes don't recognize the so called "Danish Pastries" served in the rest of Europe and North America. Each village in Denmark has it's own variety of Pastry, usually a chocolate centered treat of incredible delight. I would always accompany the pastry with the local regional beer, each reasonably sized town had its own brewery.

The Danes are a tolerant and friendly lot, but certainly not tainted with political correctness. ( Well maybe some of the Copenhagen elite are stuck up, but the rest of the country have no problems.)

You would think this country would have trouble making enemies. Well about a year ago the infamous Danish Cartoon crisis took place. What was an innocent request for cartoonists to open the envelop on the taboo of portraying the prophet Mohammed, turned into a rabid backlash. Denmark was a victim of it's own tolerance and openness. The Danes have been progressive on many human issues and have opened many doors of liberty.
This is liberty from a human perspective, not bound up with ideological claptrap.
Yet, Muslim extremists took it on themselves to beat up a series of riots and boycotts against Denmark.

The article I've linked tells of the latest bullshit coming from Muslim activists. They have tried to take the newspaper to court and charge them with racism.
It got thrown out of court, but they plan another legal assault.
Will these people give it a rest?
Will the West tolerate this incessant "Victim role", displayed by Muslim activists?

Most Westerners are willing to live alongside Islam, but this constant tirade of Muslims being "victimized" is getting to boiling point.
It's like the little boy who cried Wolf. One day when it matters, people will stop giving a damn about the rights of Muslims.
I will stay rational, but some westerners may lose their temper on the whole issue.

I hope everything will work itself out. The Danes are at least staying true to themselves and keeping their cool.
Go Denmark!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Finally, one news agency has got the Facts Right.

Some people do not believe I am Joseph Stalin.
That's what happens when people get their facts wrong.
As I blew out the 127 candles on my Vodka filled Birthday cake, ( it's amazing how they can get a whole bottle of Stoli in there without a leak,) I took some time to reflect on my acheivements.
As the most successful Leader in History, ( Just check the stats, read em' and weep Hitler! ), I can say with authority that my legacy lives on.

Like all legends of the Dictatorship Game, you want to retire on the top of the heap.
Here is a list of some of my great achievements.

Korea ( Damn Mao! He let me down there, I wanted the lot)
Cuba (well I put in the groundwork)
East Germany
well their are a few more, but inbetween purges you lose count.

Great list Hey! But as time goes on and with me only working through the media these days, my Empire has gone to Pot!
Pol Pot you might say!

All thats left of my good work is North Korea, Serbia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Syria and Cuba.
With the fall of Iraq, the only true Stalinist stae left is North Korea!!
Bloody Kids, can't trust them with anything!

But my work in the Western Media is going great guns.
I've convinced Europe, North America, Australia....well the whole World really, that my political philosophies are still valid!!
Maybe Hitler was right about bringing Dictatorship via Democracy and Free speech!

I'm sure, in no time, the world will fall back into line.

Anyway enjoy my latest report that I wrote for the excellent ABC on-line fact file.
Those Fascists are everywhere I tell you!
Oh, before I forget, Howard is a Hitler!!

Labor Campaign Theme sneak preview

I have been disloyal to my blog recently.
I apologize to the two or three people who may wander in.
The weather has been too good for blog shenanigans and the spring racing carnival has taken my attention also.

But with a state election around the corner, I thought it best I let you in to a sneak preview of the new Bracks Government campaign ad.
After I stopped weeping in pride, I immediately sent out a postal vote, just in case I am held back by the forces of evil from voting.

Happy viewing comrades!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"What do you do with a problem like Korea?"

I have found it difficult to express my opinion about the crisis in North Korea.
As the last remaining Stalinist state on the globe, I'm scratching my head figuring what to do or say.

For years I have been one of those lunatics who changes the words to songs to make a point. Over the years I've sung a few about Korea.

From the "Sound of Music", I would often sing "What do you do with a problem like Korea?" ( Replacing Maria with Korea.)

From "West Side Story" , their is always "Korea, I just fought a War in Korea"

So when in doubt about a World crisis, just sing it !

( Thanks to drunkenblogging for the YouTube link )

World Tour goes to Canada.

I decided to break the rules of my World Tour and not link to a Newspaper article from Canada.
Hey, I need to lighten up now and then!

I've been keeping strange hours the last few weeks.
But no matter what my work or social life schedules me to do, I religiously get home at 12.30 a.m and switch on to my all time favorite TV show, "Trailer Park Boys".

Canada is a country you could consider a close relative of Australia.
If NZ is our brother, Canada is our more favoured cousin.
"Trailer Park Boys", is a TV show I relate to more than any Australian production. The characters seem real and I laugh without fail, even when I'm watching my third or fourth repeat.

The show, as the name implies, revolves around the lives of people living in a trailer park. The characters are on a constant quest to drink Rum, grow dope, invent money making schemes and try and get their lives together. Despite the circumstances of their lives, I have a fantasy of living in their little community.

Ricky and Julian are the two central characters who are invariably behind every scheme going on in the Park.
Ricky cannot avoid getting into trouble and curses his own stupidity. But he is a master dope grower and has a mercurial skill of sweet talking the police.

Julian is the Alpha male of the Park and holds the Park together. He tries to be sensible about everything he does, but cannot avoid the vices he gets wound up in. He is never without a Rum and coke in his hand, (in a short glass of course ).

Bubbles is their bespectacled side-kick, who has the brains to give his friends good advice.

Mr. Lehey and the shirtless Ricky, are the Trailer Park Supervisors who are forever trying to get rid of Julian and Ricky from the park, once and for all.

Oh, why tell you everything!
Just do yourself a favour and get a copy of each series, or find a friend with cable TV.
I guarantee you will enjoy it!
If you don't enjoy it, then go Fuck yourself ! ( As Ricky would say).

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

World Tour Continues. Bangladesh.

I don't really know too much about Bangladesh.

All I know is that it floods all the time, killing thousands each time.
It used to be called East Pakistan.
It is a predominantly Moslem country.
The Capital is Dacca.
They have problems with poverty.

But, most importantly. they play cricket!
And the National coach is ex-Victorian batsman Dav Whatmore!

Many Australians poo-pooed the idea of letting Bangladesh becoming a full fledged Cricket nation.
Many claimed that they were not good enough to be a full test playing nation.
But I fully support Bangladesh becoming a Cricket nation. It is important they get a chance to play high ranked nations, even though they get thrashed more often than not. Their latest effort against batting wizards Sri lanka was a good effort. They are constantly finding new talent and in time will get better.

A while back they stunned the cricket world by upsetting the world number 1, Australia, in a one day match in England.
Australian fans were in disbelief and annoyed. I was very happy.

I think Cricket is a great game and I wish more countries played it. The game is a great bridge between the Islamic, Hindu and Western world. The pleasure I have in the back of a Taxi Cab talking with my Sub-Continent brothers about the greatest game on earth is one of my secret pleasures.
I just wish the Yanks would lift their game and get up to world standard. They don't know what they are missing out on.

Imagine what the US heart and mind campaign in Afghanistan would be like, if the US Marines got out a bat and ball and started a quick street game?
The Taliban would be reduced to nothing in no time.

So Hooray! for Bangladeshi cricket and may the world embrace it.

Now if only the North Koreans could start playing...

Monday, October 09, 2006

"I don't like Cricket, oh no, I love it,yeah"

I'm not surprised a fist fight took place when terrorists planned to gas Australian cricketers during the 2005 Ashes series. When the Taliban were in control of Afghanistan before the S 11 attacks, Cricket was the only sport recognized by the Taliban.
Even Osama gave Cricket the nod of approval. I imagine many Al-Qaeda trained terrorists loved their Cricket.

An attack on the Australian cricket team would have been the greatest mistake made by Islamic terrorists. Many who would have been supportive or tolerant of Islamic terrorism, would have quickly changed their opinions. It may well have caused a big split amongst Al-Qaeda.

Many Moslem criket fans will be upset with this plot. Al-Qaeda does not realise that their is more to life than Religion and Anti-Western fanaticism. Cricket is a religion in itself on the Sub-Continent, for some it is sacrosanct.

World Tour. First stop. Afghanistan.

Aaaah. Afghanistan.
A country very much the centre of focus at the moment.
Sure Iraq makes the news a great deal these days, but Afghanistan is much like a Crystal Ball for the World.

Will Islamic extremists be defeated?
Will Human rights prevail?
Can Democracy survive?
Is the Western Military capable of running a War?
Will Islam be able to reform itself?

All these questions can be answered in Afghanistan.

The linked article is an interesting one.
The Woman who writes the article is very concerned about Human Rights in Afghanistan. In particular she is very worried about what she calls, "those who call themselves Muslims". It seems the exploitation of Religion to manipulate the uneducated will be a problem that will take generations to fix.

In the West it is difficult to question radical Islam. Any criticism to the practise of some Moslems is seen as "Islamophobic", and no doubt you will be pidgeon-holed as a Right-Wing, hate-monger. Meanwhile our Afghani correspondent is pleading for a reform of Islam.

Moslem women are a victim of those who are making their own definition of Islam. Religion and Ideology being used to suppress and oppress is not new and not Isolated to Islam. But at this moment in History, it is Islam that has a big question mark hanging over it.

The most distressing part of the article, is the news of the sale of Afghani girls as young as three years old. Some of those doing the buying are preachers.

So what can we do to stop this?
The first step is to spread the word of these problems and to stop the appeasement of radical and uneducated Islam. Many in the West have to take off their blinkers and understand these real problems.
This is not a war against Islam.
It is a war for the survival of Modern, Peaceful, Islam.

Pack your bags! It's time to tour the World, on the Polarizers World Tour!

Some bloggers have a gimmick or regular feature from time to time. The Polarizer has felt the urge to travel and has decided to start his World Tour!
Starting from A and ending at Z, the Polarizer will take you on a guided tour of the on-line Newspapers from around the Globe.
You are all invited to come along on a journey with me and put up with my self-centered opinion of other people and cultures. No doubt I will start the journey with no specific agenda, but will no doubt end-up hanging shit on the usual suspects.

So strap yourselves in and get ready to put up with the rantings of a man who takes on the persona of Joseph Stalin.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

"Their is nothing like a Dane.. nothing in the World..."

I have been lucky enough to visit many nations on the planet. Very few nations come close to Denmark when it comes to racial and religious tolerance.
I was extremely disappointed when Muslim extremists burnt Danish flags, burnt down embassies and boycotted very fine quality Danish products. ( I assure you, they would have to be the best in Europe). All this because a handfull of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed appeared in a Danish publication.
Bare it in mind that it took four or so months from publication to rioting, which tells me the riots were deliberately incited in some way.

I wonder what the reaction to this interview will be when it does the rounds in the Islamic World?
I thought her comments were polite, honest and straight-forward. But I doubt others will think so.

I hope the world can hold on to the liberty of being able to ask questions on all aspects of life, without receiving death threats for doing so.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

You're Hitler. No, you're Hitler. No, he's Hitler. OK. Then you are all Hitler.

This year has seen a big comeback for the "H" word. Just when we thought calling someone Hitler was outdated, it has come back with force.

Here is a short list of those called Hitler this year. And all this is off the top of my head.

George Bush. By just about every Muslim and Democrat.
Tony Blair. Mainly Moslems and European leftists.
Darrell Hair. By ex-cricketer Imran Khan. ( Even though he said "mini-Hitler", it still counts).
Don Rumsfeld. By everyone.
Karl Rove. Democrats.
Pauline Hanson Nostalgicly mentioned by an ex-nineties activist at the pub.
and most recently...
John Howard By an Aboriginal activist.

Have you heard anyone call somebody Hitler this year?
Maybe you called somebody Hitler?
Or have you been called Hitler?

Leave a comment and let me know your Hitler story. The most amusing comment will win a free copy of "The Memoirs of Richard Nixon." ( Please note that Nixon has been called Hitler to often to qualify for the prize ).

As a parting thought, why don't people call others "You Stalin!" ?
He did kill more people.
Maybe it's a leftist thing.

Media Watch is in the Barrier, Red Light flashing...and they're off! ( You're telling me, they're right off.

Ten years ago, ABC's "Media Watch" was compulsory viewing for me. Stuart Littlemore and his constant smug digs at the likes of John Laws and Alan Jones, was great comedy. Of course the comedy was akin to "Yes, Minister". Littlemores' dry delivery matched the stories of journalistic bloopers.

Ten years on and "Media Watch" has become the worst current affairs show on the box.
The controversy unveiled these days, are insipid exposes of small time newspapers who sell advertising with a complementary page 3 article.

Ooooh! Lets call corporate affairs! I'm writing to my local member!
Not Likely.

Either I have become much smarter in ten years, ( I doubt it, considering the brain cells I have tortured), or "Media Watch" has evolved into a dumbed down junket for journalists who the ABC can't sack. The fact that the Terry Lane scandal was only idly touched upon, and only under pressure from a barrage of complaints, is indicative of its complete lack of purpose.

On top of all that is the annoying work of the presenter. I think her name is Monica Attard. I'm not sure because she annoys me so much, my brain refuses to acknowledge her existance.
She has tried to maintain the "Media Watch" tradition of aloof, bordering on smug, presentation. It comes out as the most grindingly annoying attempt at dry comedy since, since, since?...well lets just say Peter Costello looks like Seinfeld compared to this ABC smugarse.

But I digress.

While waiting for my favorite TV show to come on, ( Trailer Park Boys ) I checked out "Media Watch" to see how bad it was this week. Why I torture myself like this I don't know, but it does give me something to bag on the blog.
Anyway, Monotone Attart was winding herself into a slow smug frenzy about the up coming spring racing carnival. The big controvesy was apparently that The Herald Sun was using threats against The Melbourne Racing Club for switching allegance to The Age.
Obviously Monocole Affart and her researchers have never been to a Racetrack. They would probably step into a TAB on Melbourne Cup day. That's their extent of their racing industry knowledge. But of course that didn't stop them from making a deliberate, biased, grudge driven attack on the Herald Sun. It was obvious the whole segment was designed to rub the Herald Sun's Nose into the dirt and to get the boot in.

Now all is fair in love and journalism.
I say good luck to The Age for capturing the Limelight at Caulfield, the Home of the MRC. But the MRC did the wrong thing by their long term associate in the Herald Sun. The Herald Suns' main beef was the silence involved with the sudden change of allegiance. The Herald Sun threatened no one, but merely "cracked the shits" at losing its association.
That's Business for you.

But why am I upset?
Well I actually follow the horses all year round.
As a punter it is important for me to know form.
Where do I find form?
In a form guide.
Who has the best Form Guide?
The Herald Sun.
Which paper has a shit form guide and has nothing but photos of second rate celebrities and second rate wanna be models?

( Deep breath )

My next fear is the bastardisation of Horse Racing by the Latte trendies.
It happened with AFL and they are trying it on with Horse Racing.
The Herald Sun, while an insipid rag in reality, has dedicated itself to accurate, no fuss, sport coverage. The Age covers Sport with a soft cock edge that makes me puke.

( Deep Breath )

Anyway, I'll calm down and just say..."Media Watch" must get to the guts of a story and understand what they are dabbling in. They obviously have ignored the Herald Suns' dedication to Sport and focused on mudslinging for the sheer pleasure of it. "Media Watch" has become an irrelevant program and seems to be run by a bunch of Bitchy schoolkids.



Ah, I'll just take a valium and lie down now. Don't worry about me' I'll be fine.

I'll fight them while jogging on beaches..I'll never surrender...etc.

Apparently John Howard is the new leader of the West.
He is our own Winston Churchill.
I suppose all he needs now is to wack a cigar in his mouth and he's GOIN OFF!!

The infatuation from conservative commentators for John Howard in Europe and the U.S is at a fever pitch.
Conservative blogs such as Michelle Malkin and Jawa report go over the top about Australia being the place they want to be. I suppose it gives more impetus to the Victorian motto on license plates "The place to be".

What do I think?

I'm glad you asked...not!

A great many school teachers in my day were self confessed Communists. Their idealism fascinated me and their passion for a brave new compassionate socialist world, was almost compelling. The only problem was this Utopia could not be argued against and any attempt to argue on the converse was roundly put down. ( Please remember that the works of Joe Stalin were compulsory reading for any serious Marxist).
I had to suffer lectures about how good life was in the Soviet Union compered to the oppression of 70's and 80's Victoria. Of course I was seen as a right wing extremist for actually knowing the truth about the Soviet Union.

I am not a right-wing extremist.
Right-wingers see me as dangerously leftist.
Socialist Alliance types see me as a neo-con devil.
I'm quite happy being on the fence in this situation.

But I do not tolerate Historical stupidity and Australias education system is very much Hamstrung by the bullshit of Socialist Idealism. The greatest victim of this, believe it or not, is the Australian Labor Party.
By becoming a pack of socialist doctrine drones, the Labor party has dis-enfranchised the bulk of would be participants in the labor movement.
The same goes for the Greens, who only survive from left leaning Labor Party rejects.

Howard, of course, cannot lose by attacking the Education system that created doctrine based socialists. For me it is almost the same as comparing Established or Organized religion to independent religious belief.

Reading the philosophy of someone like Jesus or Buddha, and digesting the philosophy as an individual is a wise thing to consider.
But I totally reject their philosophy when coming from the mouths' of those employed by organised religion.

The same goes for Karl Marx. I suggest it as interesting reading to get ideas. But as a doctrine for the extension of group power, it must be totally rejected.

John Howard should not be held up as the leader of the free world. And the secret to his success is that he would reject these assertions. Love him or hate him, he does not live with the same level as doctrine as his opponents, and Australians generally reject any type of doctrine.

Sacre Bleu ! Who will save Tintin?

What if Tintin was alive today?

( Hold on, he never existed ! )

Suspend disbelief for the moment and click on the link for his most recent adventures.

Can anyone tell me why so many people are obsessed with Tintin?
For the life of me, I can't understand why so many adults turn into screaming kiddies when it comes to Tintin.
For me he represents naive, middle-upper class Europe. A simplistic Euro-centric world view, rife with patronizing references to Non-Europeans.
As a ten year old, I enjoyed a good cartoon. Tintin was one of these.
Well drawn and great "Tom Brownesque", boys adventure.

But attaching these stories to great literature is pure wank.
Yes. Pure Wank.

I suppose I'm acting like someone burning someones' Teddy bear, but Teddy Bears are for kids.
Tintin is also for kids and Adults who fawn over this character give me the Shits.

P.S. I never saw Tintin with a decent chick. What was going on there?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This sort of crap shits me.

Your obscure knowledge subject is, "Tintin."
Your questions start now...

Who was he?
A character in a series of Comic books.

Why do you know?
I read every book, approximately three time each.

When I was ten years old.

Because they were adventure comics.

Do you believe that Tintin deserves a Nobel Peace prize and a statue dedicated to him outside the ABC?
No. Because for a start he is a fictional character and secondly his adventures are for young kids. The Books are not meant to be deep and meaningful and are certainly not meant for Adults to idolize.

Why do the linked journalists' think otherwise?
Because these people are the sort of tossers who have been employed by the ABC over recent years to bring it to it's knees.

Are you sure?
No, but they are bringing it to it's knees with this insipid, childish crap.

Are you just getting a bit grumpy because your not ten years old anymore?
No, I consulted my inner child and he told me to give these ABC wankers a blast.

Are you sure?
Never been more certain in all my life.

You have answered all the questions and have won this weeks round.
( Applause )
So Polarizer, where have you been the last couple of weeks?
Getting pissed with my friends, watching finals football and trying to get over my obsession with the capture of Osama Bin Laden.
Any chance of one of your grinding, political posts this week?
No. But I almost rang my bookie to pay up on my 10 to 1 "Osama captured" bet. I would have gone blog mad.

Polarizer, thank you for your time.