Thursday, August 31, 2006

When the Right loses it's mind.

In my brief journey into blog world, the left have set themselves up as an easy target. This is mainly based on their ignorance of world politics and a bloody-minded, Anti-American stance.
But if you want to see what paranoid bloody-mindedness that can evolve from the right wing, look no further than the link.

A cyclist knocks over a pedestrian and that person dies.
I hope that person gets the full thrust of the law put on them.
But wait, Andrew Landeryou claims, in hysterical fashion, that all cyclists have a death agenda.
Andrew, your post reeks of paranoia and you look like an idiot.
Get a grip!
Or at least some drugs for your attention disorder.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Holy Jihad Brigade, Batman!

News just to hand about the kidnapped FOX journalists.
A group calling themselves the "Holy Jihad Brigade", are claiming responsibility.
Their demand?
"You release what you have, we will release what we have."

These people are sub-human morons.
Do they think that Rupert Murdoch has Hamas murderers in one of his studios?
Maybe they want "Sideshow Bob" from the Simpsons released?

These contemptible animals have no brains amongst them and anyone who excuses their actions is no better.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

By George, I think he got it!

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain.
I'm sure that George Bush doesn't care where in Spain the rain falls, but in Texas he probably knows. And most likely he would be able to tell you with a high degree of communication skill, if he was speaking Texan!

Bush bashing is the fastest growing sport of this millennium. The moment he won the Presidency, every Republican hater and America hater was getting stuck into him.
And he didn't disappoint.
Late show host David Letterman has lived off George Bush's speaking faux pas' from day one. A night does not go by when a George Bush speech is not dissected for the amusement of millions around the world.
But for those who are lucky enough to listen to George talk in an un-televised or unofficial event, the difference is considerable. People are delightfully surprised by what they hear and many have changed their opinion of the man.

A close friend of mine had the opportunity to hear one of these "unofficial" speeches and even spoke to the President personally. I asked him what impression he had of the man, close up. I was surprised how glowing my friend was of the way George Bush spoke. My friend said, in no uncertain terms, ( and his not one to put up with crap speeches ) that George Bush was a brilliant speaker who had a large audience in the palm of his hands.
I said, '"really"?
He said, "yeah, he is a lot different than when he speaks on television".
When he was the Governor of Texas, he never seemed to fluff words or make embarrassing statements.

So it seems the problem is that he can't talk "Washington speak". Clinton was a master of talking in the language of Politics. Kennedy was famous for losing a debate to radio listeners, but won the same debate amongst television viewers.
On the other hand Reagan appeared like a goof when making Presidential speeches, but was a fine talker when speaking naturally.

Maybe Bush should say "What the heck!" and start talking normally.
Sure the sophisticated types might hate him more, but surely he would win a few more hearts being himself? I'm not sure who invented the credo that you have to act like a tight ass newsreader when you speak on television, but I for one would like to see more "real" people than "television" people going around. Do not doubt for one minute that television makes people fake. If anybody thinks that a regular television performer is the same in real life then you should get a grip.

So George. My message to you.
Break the mould!
Be yourself!

Taliban. We are back to square one.

According to the linked report, we are back to the beginning in Afghanistan.
Before the S 11 attacks, the suppression of individuals under Taliban rule was relatively unknown in the West. Reports of Human Right abuses came out at a trickle. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International were doing their best to notify the world of the atrocities taking place, but to no avail.
The destruction of the World's largest Buddhist statue by the Taliban, lifted a few eyebrows. But the Taliban still operated as they pleased.
A few months before S 11, I received a chain email asking me to put my name protesting the Taliban regime. I of course did.
Also of note is that during this period in Afghanistan 90 percent of the world heroin supplies were coming from this area, funding the Taliban regime.

Then came S 11.
Suddenly world focus had switched to Afghanistan. The Human right abuses that had been ignored for so long, were on the news every second day.
Condemnation was coming from all quarters and after a brief military campaign, the Taliban was ousted from power in Kabul. It would be only a matter of time before the were removed all together.

Almost 5 years later everything has gone full circle.
Afghanistan is off the world political radar and draconian, oppressive laws are being re-instituted. Elements of the Taliban and Al-Qaida are alive and well in certain areas and Heroin production is remaining steady.

What does it take to remove tyranny from the world?
In Afghanistan it took S 11 to activate regime change.
In Iraq the excuse was WMD's, not human rights abuse, to remove the Dictatorial Saddam Hussein.
So, apparently, Human rights abuse is not an issue according to the "free" world.

While the left and right of Western politics try to strangle each other, they will take sides with Dictators and Regimes who commit Human Right abuses, just to suit their political positioning. The Western left have been disgraceful in their defense of Saddam Hussein, Leftist Dictators ( Chavez and Castro as examples) and Mafia style Islamic extremists. The key reason for their blind support for these types seems solely to rest in their Anti-Bush, Anti-American stance. The "enemy of our enemy is our friend" philosophy, has consumed many left wing groups.
The right, meanwhile, have gone quite on Human rights. Maybe they realize nobody in the West cares much about Human Rights abuses anymore.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hair Hitler and the rise of National Umpirism

Our greatest fear has arrived.
A new Hitler has risen from the Ashes. The Ashes. Get it?
According to Imran Khan, cricket umpire Darryl Hair is a "mini-Hitler".
Phew. I'm glad we have been warned early. We can now intervene early to stop the dreaded "white shirts" marching through Pakistan, India, Jamaica, England, New Zealand and the whole cricket world.

But seriously, who the hell does Imran Khan think he is?
In any sport you need officials and in any sport you get different degrees of officiating. I think it was Merk during the football World Cup who ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, over officiating in order to protect Brazil. Was he called Hitler? No, he just took his umpiring too seriously.
Darryl Hair umpires in his own style. He is very strict and I'm sure he is aware of Pakistans history of Ball tampering.
Oops! Sorry! Have I hurt anybody's dignity?
Hair did not call the Pakistani team "cheaters". ( I could talk about Imran Khans' Playboy past, but that's another story.) But for Imran Khan to call someone "Hitler" for applying the rules of the game is shameful.
What is more shameful is that he is getting away with it. His attempts to be involved in politics are going off to a great start. He managed to slander someone and look like the good guy.

As it currently stands, we are not sure who tampered the ball, if it was tampered at all. If Hair has made a mistake, I imagine he will be disciplined by the ICC. But if he is correct, the Pakistan cricket team need to have a good look at themselves.
Imran Khan on the other hand has been disgraceful, no matter what the findings are.

Hey! What's with the Stalin photo?

A friend asked what's with the Stalin photo on my profile.
I put it down to my sense of humor, but their is more to it.

As a young naive fool with a heavy reading appetite, I first encountered Stalin reading about Marxism and Communism. Being only 12 I was deluded onto thinking Stalin did everything he did according to necessity.
Collectivisation, military purges, imprisonment of opponents, occupation of countries, an alliance with Hitler etc. Yep. I thought it was all necessary for the security of the USSR.
By the time I was 13 I found out how stupid I was. Stalin was the quintessential modern dictator. Saddam Hussein studied Stalin's work and applied his tactics to his dictatorship. He even took on a similar image.

What was crazy was the availability of Stalin's work in Western countries for such a long time. Some Marxists called themselves Stalinists well into the 1970's. I remember reading a Stalinist newsletter and seeing photos of a Stalinist get together barbecue. I could not stop laughing at this image of happy-go-lucky Westerners, gathering together to celebrate a tyrant.
Stalin was as evil as Hitler, but as the victor, Stalin was not as heavily vilified. The tragedy is that while the political philosophies of both men are quite despicable, Stalinism survives into the 21st Century. Nazism was effectively strangled to death as a political philosophy but Stalinism was allowed to survive. North Korea and Saddam's Iraq are two examples of its survival.
Stalin was the most successful tyrant of Modern times. Even when he was dead, his fear carried on.
He is a reminder to me of what still must be fought. The resolve of Tyrants and the fear they use to build their power.
He is also a reminder of what can happen when tyranny is ignored and allowed to perpetuate.

But I can't help but laugh when I see his image. Something I wouldn't do in his company that's for sure.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Party Politics? Too slow!! Become a terrorist!!

It seems more and more people around the world want Hezbollah recognized. As what I'm not sure, but people want them recognized.
Apparently they have built their prestige to such a point, they are seen as a future government of the region. In their function of conduits of Syrian and Iranian funds into the region, they have played a quasi-government role. I suppose they have a policy of, for each gun or rocket launcher they receive, they must funnel a certain percentage into the "hearts and minds campaign".
Of course Hezbollah started as a purely terrorist organization. The more successful they became at being terrorists the closer they came to the game of politics.

Time Warp.

The Nazi party is still seen as the most evil organization of the 20th Century. Strangely I'm always reminding people that they were voted into the Reichstag. They started as a group of thugs who attempted various coups to get into power, but eventually got wise and realized they could use Democracy to implement Totalitarianism. Two of their major policies were revenge and destruction of the Jews.

Time Warp.

Hezbollah are getting support from all corners of the world. If Lebanon has an election in the not too distant future, Hezbollah will gain a huge amount of influence, if not Government control. (Some may claim they do anyway, as they are unlikely to be disarmed). People are claiming Hezbollah are rebuilding Lebanon.

Time Warp.

Hitler was extremely popular before the start of WW2. He was given credit for rebuilding Germany from the Ashes of WW1.

It seems the only good terrorist organization is a successful one. Ignorant people who blindly support Hezbollah, have no idea about their bloodthirsty history. The Romantic image of them being "freedom fighters" is one that must be debunked.
How can the world forget History?
Even when it is unfolding in their face?

I suppose we'll find out the hard way.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bob Brown takes hard line on religious extremists.

Finally, Bob Brown has decided to take a stand against religious fundamentalists. He has called for an inquiry and he wants answers.
The group he has targeted are called the "Exclusive Brethren". As the name suggests they are a fundamentalist religious group who are opposed to electronic communications, contact with the outside world and the usual loopy rules applied by hard-core religious groups.

Sounds like a radical shift in Green Party policy doesn't it?
Well not really.
The Exclusive Brethren are a fundamentalist Christian religious order. They have about 40,000 members worldwide and, according to some reports, are doing OK for money. Although forbidden to do just about anything within the modern world, they have made a foray into political lobbying. Their most recent campaigns have been against the Green Party in the Tasmanian and New Zealand Elections.
The extent of their lobbying was mainly leaflet distribution, newspaper advertisements and a couple of reports of "heckling" at Green Party meetings. Sure, an absolute nuisance to any political party, but nothing life threatening. The cops have been called in once or twice, but it seems they had nothing to answer for.
They don't kidnap people, they don't fly planes into buildings, they don't fire rockets into cities, they don't fund armed militia groups, they don't make bombs and they sound harmless by today's standards.
I don't like them one bit, but I'm sure if I punched the biggest one in the nose I wouldn't get any more trouble if harassed.

But Bob Brown wants a tax-payer funded inquiry into the group because they oppose him in politics.
Will Bob Brown call an inquiry into Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda? What about the religious groups who raise money for these terrorists? Will Bob Brown call an inquiry into them?
NO !!
Bob Brown wants an inquiry into a group that will not do harm to his electoral chances or the personal safety of anyone.

Bob Brown is a coward and I am amazed that sane people will vote for him. He has no idea about politics and should be put out to pasture.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Professor Kurgman's Beautiful Mind: Kevin Sites in Nazi Germany

Professor Kurgman's Beautiful Mind: Kevin Sites in Nazi Germany

An incredible report that may well have implications today.

AFL Update. Rex Hunt fears AFL Police State.

Rex Hunt it appears will have to live in exile against the AFL police state.
Totalitarianism should be stopped, but I make an exception if it means I never have to see or hear Rex Hunt again.
Rex, just face it. nobody loves you and you are the laughing stock of Australian football.

Terry Lane fails History. Stupidity not his fault.

Everyones getting stuck into Terry Lane. I'm beginning to feel sorry for him. It's not his fault that he was a very poor student of History and was then thrust into the world of journalism.
The poor guy a few weeks ago was trying to get his head around using the internet, searching for evidence that the US Marine Corp operated death camps in Europe during WW2. He couldn't find any proof, but he did find some information about obergroupfuhrer Jesse Macbeth. Apparently Marine and SS henchman Herr Macbeth was part of an elite death squad in Iraq. Macbeth is a hero according to Lane, by rejecting the death squads and playing whistle blower.
Ah, Terry Lane has found a hero for the modern Era.

But wait. Oh no! Poor Terry has been duped! How dare these people play a hoax! Jesse Macbeth never served in Iraq! He told lies to Terry! Poor Terry Lane is once again the victim of liars and he quite rightly plays the victim.

Of course it is not the first time Terry was a victim of a Hoax. Apparently when he was a little tacker, some nasty person told him that Gallipoli was an overwhelming victory and it wasn't until his mid-twenties that he found out the ANZACs' lived through a disaster. It took him hours of research at the Preston library to find the real truth of this sensational cover-up! The evil Winston Churchill had such a grip on war propaganda, he must have sent thought control police to Preston library to ensure the truth would not get out.

Of course Terry Lane found out the real truth by reading a play about ANZAC day.
Fair enough Terry!!
When I need to do research on the war in the Pacific, i would head off to Blockbuster and rent out "South Pacific". A great study into Pre-WW2 America is the incisive "Wizard of Oz". Of course if I need to get an insight into the mind of Adolf Hitler, how can one go past "Springtime for Hitler" by Mel Brooks.

I suggest Terry try and get his hand on a copy of "Sinbad the Sailor", A great perspective into the current Middle East crisis.

For your vigilant search for the truth, Terry Lane,
Australia salutes you!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Black Hole discovered up Garry Lyons' Arse.

Middle East politics can do your head in after awhile. Biase, agendas, photo fixing and bare face lies. I needed a rest from it for a few days.
My way of putting my head in the sand is to indulge myself in sport. I over-indulged during the World Cup and have only just now required a sports fix. The best thing on offer for me this weekend was my old favorite Aussie Rules. I say old favorite, because I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. The quality of play has dwindled and the rules have been tweaked beyond sanity. But the worse aspect if I have to watch or listen from home is the pathetic performances of the commentary teams over the last decade or so.
Here is a brief history of the evolution ( and de-evolution) of Football commentary.

1848 to 1956. Football commentary in this time span was the domain of the newspapers. Most people would go to the game, so newspaper opinion did not matter too much. But those newspaper reports were full of color and sweeping poetic words. Words of pride and respect would blossom and you would be swept away with the reporters' article. The reporter would never be the focus of the news and the "great game" was held in high esteem. Radio was making its mark on the sport and complimented the media coverage in a straight-forward fashion, as was the style of the conservative days of radio.

1956 to 1973. The advent of television brought yet another fine enhancement to the game. Games were not shown live, so radio and television worked well together. The commentary style was straight-forward in both medians and the newspapers had changed slightly. Newspapers become a bit more "hard-hitting" in its style and the old style was fading away. Less fruity I suppose. "World of Sport" would give a comprehensive round up of the Saturday games and was compulsory viewing of a Sunday. ( Remembering that all games were played at the same time every Saturday ). Replays were on channels 2, 7 and 9 in that period and channel 0 ( now 10 ) would broadcast the VFA.

1974 to 1988. With the advent of color TV, football commentary become a bit more animated. Lou Richards and Peter Landy would get a bit more excited about their commentary work and would almost go over the edge in bias. Thankfully they didn't get into self-indulgence and though very inaccurate at times, they tried hard to cover the game properly. Radio commentary become a bit more animated and the likes of Rex Hunt would occasional make a joke or two during commentary. Quite amusing once or twice during a game, but the action was still the main focus. The newspapers became more extensive in their commentary, but with that a bit more trivial and gossip ridden.

1989 to 1999. Television coverage becomes more and more elaborate. Statistics were displayed with more frequency and more angles on the game were shown. Bruce McAveney was seen as the King of commentators, much to my annoyance. He would gush, scream, cry, pontificate and run the gamut of emotions. "World of Sport" was axed and the new King of Football television was the "Footy Show", a show dedicated to egos more so than football.
Radio coverage was going through a massive change. Commentary teams had changed completely and the commentators rather than the game, become the focus of the coverage. Rex Hunt had changed his commentary from calling the football with occasional idioms, to a stream of fabricated colloquialisms with the occasional bit of football. Other stations were splattered with ex-footballers who were honing their media skills as a path to coaching. Newspapers had officially become crap. The Age started going retro-fruity, but it comes across as wet as a Christmas Luenig cartoon.

2000 to present. With ex-footballers and their agents in complete control of football media coverage, all forms of television coverage is officially complete shit. Channel 9 takes over from 7. The likes of Garry Lyon and Brian Taylor have their heads so far up their arse they can no longer see the football. Rex Hunt is no longer a football commentator. He just happens to have a three hour show while the football is on where he just wails and shouts about nothing. Sam Newman need to say anything really.

In reflection the state of football is more depressing than the Middle East crisis. A pack of power hungry idiots have hi-jacked football coverage and they must be driven out of power. ABC radio coverage will be dwindled next year, which is sad because it is the best thing that the ABC does and is the last bastion of sanity. If we do not stand up to these football terrorists we may have to live according to their rules, or is it too late?
I might read some news on the Middle East to cheer up.

Aussie Rules.
Born 1848.
Died 2006.
Rest in Peace.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Terror plot foiled. Idiots still in denial.

Scotland yard announced only a few hours ago that it had foiled a major terrorist plot. Arrests have been made after a well-planned police sting. At this stage it appears thousands of lives have been saved and the dimension of the attack would have been on the scale of September 11.
Well done Lads!

But my relief turned into anguish when I noted the immediate reaction of the left-wing. I thought that maybe, just maybe, some people would put their pride aside and admit that the world is gripped in a battle against terrorism.
Not to be.
The denial continues.
My absolute nemisis website, democraticunderground, had HUNDREDS of idiots commenting on the foiled terrorist attempt. I don't think I found one commentor who believed a real threat was taking place. Go check for yourself, I gave up after reading about 200.
You will read every conspiracy theory under the sun. Even the old S11 denials get dragged out for a re-run.

Terrorism has been around for a long time. The terrorist act that woke me up to the gravity of this threat not going away was the attack on the USS Cole. When I tried to talk to people about what may be building in the future, I was looked at like a lunatic. At the time I thought I was going mad considering I was the only person worried about a growing threat.
Then came September 11. As I watched events unfold that day, I was shocked but not surprised. For many it was a huge eye-opener but as the months grinded on, a huge percentage of people were denying a terrorist threat existed at all!!
Many claimed it was an elaborate fear campaign, many more claimed that America brought the attack upon itself and a huge number claimed that it was perpetrated by Israel and the CIA!
Maybe I was mad!
The next major jolt, in my part of the world, was the Bali bombing. I thought to myself that surely the impact of this will, beyond any shadow of a doubt, show that Islamic terrorism is a real threat. Even while the dust was settling, I heard someone mutter that it was the CIA!! I brushed it away as the rantings of a real lunatic.
A few months later I read the disturbing statistic that %40 of Indonesians believed the CIA was behind the Bali bombings. Some friends and associates ( now very former friends and associates! ) , also believed the CIA was behind the attack.

At this point in time I realised the West was in crisis. A real battle was at hand. I thought it was my duty to not be shy in coming forward about the state of the world. All I did was discover how many people were determined to keep their heads in the sand.
Time went on and terrorist attacks continued.
As my resolve changed, so did that of my old lefty friends. Their resolve was that the Invasion of Iraq has caused more attacks and that Bush, Blair, Howard and co. were to blame.
Come July 2005 an orchestrated terrorist attack took place in London. The reaction from the left? Invasion of Iraq has caused it all.

August 2006. Lieberman is gang-tackled by the leftist blogosphere and subsequently loses the Primary. The left-wing go bananas. They are rallying to ruthlessly destroy the political careers of all Democrats who don't submit to their beliefs. They basically want to control the party and pull out of Iraq.
The next day the London Airport terror plot is foiled. The reaction of the same people who lynched Lieberman? It's all a big lie!

Islamic terrorists are a huge threat. But the threat that is even bigger is that of ignorant leftists, who are in complete denial of the threat. They are the root cause of the lack of resolve in the Western world to stand up to people who wish to destroy them.

How do we pull these heads out of the sand?
I don't really know, but it's imperative it happens.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lieberman loses. US left wants more blood. Stalin would be proud.

US Democrat 2000 vice-President candidate, Joe Lieberman, was defeated in a Democrat primary election on Tuesday.
Left-wing Internet blog sites are slapping each other on the back, claiming part of the credit for the his defeat.
The atmosphere in the left-wing blogosphere was of extreme jubilation when the result was announced. Considering all the results that haven't gone their way the last 6 years, maybe they had cause for celebration.

2000 Bush Win
2000 Election Supreme Court challenge fails
2001 Invasion of Afghanistan
2003 Invasion of Iraq
2004 Bush Win
2006 Karl Rove avoids indictment

Each of these issues/events caused much disappointment for the US left. I traveled the net extensively while all these events were occurring, and the anger and frustration I observed was startling. When Bush adviser Karl Rove survived indictment in the
Valerie Plame affair, the US left were devastated. What increased their devastation was the level of expectation they had when the believed that Rove would be indicted. Several times it was reported that Rove was definitely being indicted. Each time the US left went into hard core celebration and each time they were let down. The same happened during the elections.

The defeat of Lieberman sent one of the major left-wing sites ( into a scene of rabid jubilation. But it didn't take long for the knives to come out.
Calls for a takeover of the party were everywhere.
Democrats who did not support a cut-and-run policy were being targeted.
And all this was happening using the harshest of language and open slather slander. It was not a scene of political discussion, the only way to describe it would be that of a mob riot.
Meanwhile Mike Moore came out of hiding and released a message threatening to make non-left Democrats pay for their crimes. The revolution had started!!!

Just one problem.

The Republicans are untouched.

At least during the Russian Revolution they overthrew the Monarchy before sending their own to the Gulag.
The Democrats are purging their own members first.
Then what?
The Democrats will have no hope of winning in 2008 if the moderates are exiled or shot. People will not vote for a Democrat party that swings too far to the left. Mike Moore is electoral poison.

The Democrat left might as well enjoy the moment. Drink the wine, Cut off some heads, Storm the Bastille and then settle down for 10 more years of Republicans.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

We need more protesters, if only they brought back conscription.

Cindy Sheehan.
Who is she?

Cindy Sheehan lost her son in Iraq.
The loss of a loved one is distressing, particularly in tragic circumstances. I imagine Cindy would be looking for an explanation to ease the pain. Anybody with a heart feels empty and looks for ways to heal the soul in the face of tragedy. Quite often a person in mourning will run the full gamut of emotions. Anger, depression, irrational blame, social withdrawal are just some of those emotions.
The best way to conquer these emotions is to surround yourself with patient and understanding people.
Cindy managed to surround herself with people.
What Cindy did next was to protest against the war in Iraq. She has protested in several ways, ranging from sit-ins to hunger strikes and even threatening to enter politics. At this point I think the attempt at healing had passed.
She bought a property in Crawford, Texas, to be closer to the President's home. She made friends with Michael Moore and is rallying for a huge protest, called Camp Casey.

Her latest public letter goes into her thoughts, philosophies and contacts she has had with Vietnam war protesters.

"...Many of them (Vietnam protesters) say. "If there were only a draft, people would get off of their butts and protest the war like we did during Vietnam."

or have a look at her own words of advice..
"Our brothers are being "bound and gagged" and "chained to chairs in Guantanamo."

or how about these healing words...
"Not only has this administration, with the eager approval of Congress, committed genocide on a massive scale, they are taking away our civil rights and our right to be heard and counted".

So lets summarize.
A grieving mother wants more Americans to die, so that she can boost numbers for her egocentric protest.
She describes allies of those responsible for her sons death as "brothers".
She accuses her own country as a perpetrator of Genocide (I fell off my chair!) and falsely claims her voice isn't being heard, when her thoughts are published on one of the most well read websites in the world.

May your son rest in Peace.
Cindy Sheehan on the other hand gets no sympathy from me. If she thinks going on an ego trip on the Mike Moore express will change her world, she had better wake up to herself. She has made it plainly obvious that she has used her son's death to raise her profile and that of other parasites.
Intelligent people have seen right through you, those who haven't are blind.

Breaking News!....Idiots run media!..Shock Horror!

It's been a big week for media mistakes. Reuters have admitted to running a couple of doctored photos, questions have been raised about which bomb hit where and when, a journalist falls for the Jesse Macbeth hoax and then of course we still have the usual mistakes. Too numerous to mention.
The media has always been a breeding ground for stupidity. But it is getting worse every day. Newspapers around the globe have become insipid rags. "News" has become quick snippets of what is most exciting, accurate information has been pushed aside for an increase in celebrity news.
TV is going even worse. Despite the technological leap of the past few years, the quality of information has lumbered to a dead stop. As for Radio...well I just won't go there. Two words. Brain Dead.
Why has this happened?
You would think that with the advent of the internet, information gathering would be going through a Golden Age. But one thing I have noticed is the increase in homogeneous products in the media.
A formulae Radio or TV program in London for instance, would be formatted the same in Sydney or L.A.
Newspaper structures have slowly evolved into clones of International papers. As the disease of "homogeneous" media spreads, so does complacency and blandness. Local "feel" is pushed out and we are left with crap.
The media seems to be "dumbing down" for their audience. The problem is that the audience has caught up and the media doesn't know how to "smarten up".

A song once delivered this line "television: the drug of a nation."
It seems the drug has lost it's power.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hey everyone look at me! I work for the CIA!

The CIA have gone through a tough time of late. The are like a bottom rung football team that used to be undisputed champions. They are now going through a "rebuilding phase" to catapult them back to the Glory days.
They have been criticized for not doing enough to prevent terror attacks and reciprocally been criticized for doing too much to prevent terror attacks. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
Recently they discovered one of their contractors discussing all matter of thing on her own blogspace. Of course she was dismissed.

Strangely enough the Washington Post and various leftist bloggers have portrayed her as a victim.
Hold on.
Let me get this straight.
A person who works for the CIA, hops onto the internet and gasbags about everything under the sun. She is shown the door and she is the victim?
Some people need there heads examined. When the Valerie Plame affair blew up recently, sections of the media were in a frenzy. They were calling for the heads of those that revealed the identity of a CIA operative. Now we have this imbecile who is attempting to reveal her own identity being held up by the same media entities as a victim!

I'm still confused thinking about it....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Andrew Bolt. Acting like a drip.

I often read Andrew Bolt's Blog site. I confess to agreeing to a lot of his points.
He ruthlessly questions outrageous government spending, attacks ignorant journalism concerning worldwide terrorism, pinpoints stupidity and political correctness in our Justice system, identifies politicians who do not know what they are doing and the list goes on.
But on occasion he will cut off his nose despite his face. Always on the outlook for new ways to bait the left, he sometimes bites off more than he can chew.
His latest campaign is his call for new dams to alleviate current water shortages. I am no expert on the impact of new dams on a depleted water storage system, but with half a dozen dams at half full what would another half full dam be useful for? But Andrew was terribly upset that he is unable to water his garden and as I continued to read his arguments I thought he was going to call on the UN to enforce his right to have an endless supply of water. He rebuffed the idea of water saving and refused to accept the idea of installing a water tank.
Two words.
For a man who bemoans the demise of people working for the common good, his attitude is just not good enough. Urban Australians have treated water with a wasteful attitude for decades. It has only been the last few years that a wiser attitude has been adopted.
It seems some take a while to get wise.

Osama Bin Hidin

With the five year anniversary of the September 11 attacks around the corner, the whereabouts of Osama is still unknown. I've been trying to pick up the Internet trail on him for a while now, and it is an amusing journey. The first big rumour was that he escaped from the clutches of the US by bribing a corrupt Afghan official. One rumour is that he is deceased and buried in Iran. Of course the well known rumour is that Osama is tucked away on the Afghan-Pakistan border. That could be anywhere.
North Warizistan is a new region in my vocabulary and is also in the rumour list. The latest rumour is that he has taken a flight to Somalia.
Where ever he is, it will be difficult to track him down. The CIA has not been the same since the fall of the Berlin Wall. With the defeat of European Communism the US thought the business of Intelligence gathering was over and finances were cut.
Unfortunately the situation is probably more dire than the late eighties.
US and Western Intelligence had been working on the downfall of Communism for seventy years. It's only been a decade since they got stuck into Osama and Alqaeda.
Nose down, arse up and get to work. That's my message to the USA.