Monday, June 04, 2007

Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!

With the unrelenting advance of THE POLARIZER now in full swing, the first of John Howard's Journalist Gulags have been liberated.
The first pictures that have come to light from the dark shadows of this brutal regime are horrific and viewer discretion is advised.

Here we see Fairfax Journalists getting their first taste of freedom in ten years.

Many have been forced to survive on a meagre diet of just five coffees a day, some being forced to buy lunch from Sandwich shops that only offer four varieties of bread. Sourdough, for some, runs out before 1.30 p.m.Those who miss out are forced to walk a further 100 metres to another Sandwich shop, which only stocks an inferior brand of bottled water and quite often is frequented by Laborers who buy up all the doughnuts at morning tea, thus depriving Journalists of an essential staple.

Acclaimed dissident and Nobel Peace prize candidate, David Marr, was one of the few who managed to live and tell his tale. Here we see him after his release from the dreaded, "Camp Versace".

Marr was forced to live with a limited choice of designer clothes and sometimes he was forced to wear the same suit within the same fortnight. The Dry cleaners would often be unable to have his favorite suit ready and Marr would often be left in tears, when he would be unable to get to the Dry cleaners before closing time.

You can read more about his terrible quest to survive.

Very few International leaders are ready to stand up to the Howard regime of terror. Only the very peaceful and loving President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, had the heart to confront Howards brutal Dictatorship.

Despite desperate attempts by Amnesty International to publicize the plight of Australian dissidents, it has all fallen on deaf ears. An Amnesty spokesperson, who refused to be identified as they lived in fear of their lives, spoke about some of the problems.
"Our fight for Human Rights must carry on. We have organized an aggressive T-Shirt campaign on our on-line Amnesty Shop. The sale of 'free David Hicks' T-Shirts have been very disappointing. We are now forced to give them away as part of a 'buy three T-Shirts, get a David Hicks T-Shirt free' deal. I think people live in fear of wearing a David Hicks T-Shirt, lest they be seen by members of Howards' fashion Gestapo. Even our 'make your own message' Fridge Magnets are barely touched. We get a few Journalists who use them to make up their own oppression news, but apart from that, sales are poor. It is obviously out of fear of having ones Fridge being targeted by Howards' thought police. Howard only wants his Anti-terror Fridge magnets on display and wants our magnets suppressed. We live in scary times."

We do indeed live in scary times.