Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Right Royal Cock-Up!

Global warming alarmists have started this year in full frenzy. I have only just started scratching the surface for DOOMSDAY cocks and they have come flying from everywhere.

Not to be outdone by common celebrities and politicians, todays DOOMSDAY cock is none other than Prince Charles.

His similarity to a Rooster is alarming!
Charlie is Jetting off soon to receive an award from DOOMSDAY head cock Al Gore. But jealousy within the ranks of the DOOMSDAY chicken coup, has led to criticism of his trip.

In order to appease DOOMSDAY chooks, Prince Charles has decided to cancel his skiing trip this year. So we will not see Chuckie perform the Rooster tail manoeuvre this season.

The alarmist frenzy has got to the point of Cannibalism. When one Global warming alarmist gets more recognition than the others, the device known as the "global footprint" is enacted.

Soon everyone's movements will be traced, and everybody will be forced to complete an accurate diary of every joule of energy expended.
The dawn of a Global warming Police state is upon us!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Sunrise Alarmist Koch

For those Global Warming alarmists looking to combine the Doomsday Clock with the Doomsday Cock, you can't go past this product.
The Sunrise Clock!

Now you can see and hear when the world is DOOMED!

Todays Doomsday merchant is almost certain to have one of these. Introducing Channel Seven's Sunrise program Grand Chicken little David Koch!

The Doomsday Koch and his Sunrise cohorts have been beating the Global warming drum for a year now. They are constantly badgering their viewers to do more about Global Warming, of course all this with the usual Religious zeal that goes with the territory.
One of their mindless stunts is a campaign to reduce 100,000 tons of greenhouse emissions by Australia Day. They are certainly helping to achieve this goal by making unwatchable television pap.

One thing I do appreciate from 7 Sunrise is their Cool the Globe website. It is the one-stop shop for finding the latest insanity in Global alarmist scaremongering. Take a look, you are bound to find a brain dead celebrity or politician selling their Global Warming snake oil. It will certainly save my time searching for future Doomsday Cock nominees.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Doomsday Fighting Cocks

Just when you think the Doomsday Cocks are heading back to their pens to roost, they come out with fighting words!
Here we see a couple of them fighting over how much publicity they are getting.

Of course when they are not fighting each other, the Doomsday Cocks are on the lookout for anyone not towing the line of the fastest growing Religion of the 21st Century.
Here we see what they did to "denialists" during Medieval times.

Today's Special guest Doomsday Cock is Heidi Cullen. Heidi is seen here posing for a publicity shot for her upcoming Reign of Terror. ( Or is that "Rain" of terror, the sort of rain that scared Global alarmists this weekend ).

Heidi wants any Weather expert who denies Global Warming, to be taken to special Climate and Mind changing Gulags, for re-education.
God Bless her cotton socks.

Diogenes Lamp
has a wonderful report on this neo-Stalinist purgeress. Uncle Joe would be extremely proud of her work.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Roast anyone? Sunday Doomsday Cock.

With all the great rains we've had recently, it my be an idea to see how the Doomsday Cock is doing.

We definitely won't be hearing from him today.

Our special guest Doomsday Cock is the kooky political commentator Robert Fisk.

Not only does he think that his an expert on Middle East affairs, he is now offering his ten cents worth on Global Warming.

Will the parade of Doomsday Cocks ever cease?
We will just have to wait and see if this trend wears itself out.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Doomsday Cock

It looks as though todays Doomsday Cock is completely lost and not sure what it is doing. Looks like we are safe for another day.
The Doomsday Cock is officially at 7 minutes to dawn.

Talking about being completely lost and not sure what it is doing, is today's special guest Doomsday Cock, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here we see him explaining how much knowledge he has of science and World Affairs.

A big thanks to Bozwell from Its a Matter of Opinion. Another great blog from the Observation Deck group.
You'll find more info on Leonardo over there.

Have a Good Weekend everybody and keep those nominations coming!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Today's Doomsday Cock

Today's Doomsday Cock is a long way from letting loose.
We live another day!!

Todays special guest Doomsday Cock is the one and only Al Gore!!

We will update this site on any new Doomsday Cocks, and their is no shortage of them!

If you have any Doomsday Cocks You wish to nominate for our updates, let me know!!


Most people are aware of the Doomsday clock.
It was a device used to measure how close the world was to mass destruction. The idea was that, depending on the existing world crisis, the hands on the clock would be a certain amount of minutes to Midnight. Of course they were referring to Nuclear destruction.

Above we see the Doomsday clock at the time Geelong last won a Grand Final.

Recently the clock has been used to measure the time left before Global warming causes scenes like this.

Well according to this guy anyway.

That is all about to change.

I introduce to you all.....THE DOOMSDAY COCK!!!

When impending Global Warming is upon us, the DOOMSDAY COCK will prepare for one last crow at dawn.
The theory works in reverse to the clock. Instead of waiting for Midnight, we are now waiting for the wake up call at dawn.
As it stands at the moment according to the director of the DOOMSDAY COCK initiative, (here we see him at last years COCK conference.)

the DOOMSDAY COCK is 6 minutes to waking us all up.
So make sure to check on the state of the DOOMSDAY COCK!!
Will he crow tomorrow?
Or will he be in the Oven for Sunday Roast?

We can only wait.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Evolution of a Sitcom

The art of the Sitcom is to grab an old sitcom and tweak it the right way.
"Till death us depart", was a big ground breaker. It established the central character as a bigot.
Warren Mitchell as Alf Garnett is unforgetable stuff.

The Americans throughout the History of television have borrowed from the UK.
The clones they have made are uncountable. The most successful of their clones was"All in the Family". Instead of Alf Garnett, we got Archie Bunker. The American version was as good as the original and the bigotry was sublime.

Although not as good as the proceeding, "Kingswood Country" was a huge success in Australia. Many of the catch cries and assorted Idioms from that show are still heard today.

The question that must arrive is, what next?
I reckon a sitcom of the old formula based around this guy is a sure fire winner.I think I have a theme song too, done to the tune of "The Nanny".
Can't wait for the first episode.

Newton's Law of Legal Relativity

A new defense of any crime is the Newton-Iraq principle. According to the legal representative of Matt Newton is concerned, as long as you do not kill 90 people in one day, your crimes should be treated lightly.

Poor old Charlie Manson should ask his lawyers to adopt this principle.

Ding dong dell, poor old Fidel

Fidel hasn't looked good for a while now.

It won't be long.

Will he, or will he not, get himself some Tomb worship.

Uncle Joe is back!

With the English cricket team sent with no apology to a Gulag and the Season break over, the Polarizer returns rested and armed with a new SU-100 assault vehicle.

Be warned!!