Monday, February 12, 2007

Bullshit finds Bullshit

The instinct to know Bullshit when you see it, is a handy one to have. I reckon I'm pretty good at finding Bullshit.
Here is a photo. What do you reckon?

Yep! That's definitely the genuine article.
But some people have trouble seeing Bullshit.

Well if you know someone who has trouble, sit them down in front of this superb episode of Bullshit! by the brilliant Penn and Teller.

Hit the link, you will not be disappointed for the next half-hour!

Penn and Teller win this weeks Doomsday Cock Chefs of the Week. They cooked that Chicken up a treat!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Oh my God, what have we created"

As the Global Warming Rooster of Doom prepares to yet again wake us up in the middle of the night, some Global Warming soothsayers are wondering if they have gone too far.

The last time a Scientist went too far with a creation it looked a bit like this.

Of course if we tamper with the forces of nature and unbalance the cosmic will of god, man will have to pay.
Maybe this fella might teach us a lesson for our sins.

No matter what beast goes out of control, we now know we are dealing with a monster!
Laura Hannon of website in her regular Global Warming Centre report, is beginning to show concern at the continued "overplaying" of the Global warming debate. Being a partial alarmist herself, a quick click through back articles show a slow caution at the Global Warming hype.

One interesting development on her blog, is the increasing need to discipline comments on the blogsite. The debates have become heated and it is starting to get nasty!

The thing to remember about creating a monster, is that you are also likely to create a crazy mob of people armed with pitchforks. This Mob invariably will act mindlessly in pursuit of blood and the evil "denialists".

Laura Hannon is trying desperately to control her small brood of Chicken Littles, but the mob is now unstoppable. Laura Hannon wins our "Global Warming Mother Hen of the Month." Well done Laura.

As a special treat, check out this piece by Sarah Silverman. Laugh? I nearly shat!

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Feathers are flying

Last week I thought the Global Roosters had wound up the Doomsday Cock as far as it could go. But I can now confirm the Religion of Fear has pushed the Doomsday Cock to ONE MINUTE TO DAWN!!!!!.

This week has seen a plethora of news about Global Warming fears. The bookmakers predicted Tim Flannery would become Australian of the Year, at this rate I predict a Tarot Card reader will win next year.
Here we see a recent scientific document from Al Gore and Co.

But not all Roosters are convinced.
Some Roosters are refusing to believe we are on the Dawn of destruction. Despite constant hounding, some brave sceptics are running them through the hoops!!

In other Global warming propaganda news, "An Inconvenient truth", has been nominated for two Oscars. One of the nominations is for "Best Original Song".

Hold on!!
I didn't realise Al Gore was in a musical!
That must explain what all the song and dance is about!
I can't wait for more Musicals based around Global Warming. Could we see titles like "Warmalot", "Taint your Ozone", "Dioxide Story"?
As long as it gets bums on seats, willing to listen to the Al Gore Mantra.
Here we see the cast of Al Gore's latest musical explaining how much Sea levels will rise.

We can all rest assured that school kids will be forced to watch films about Global Warming.
Uncle Joe would be proud.

( For all Polarizer and Doomsday Cock fans, I will be heading North for a while to sort out some dissidents. Those lousy electrodes just will not stay clamped!)