Thursday, May 17, 2007

Klaus takes on the Marxist Mob.

You would think that the procession of International Politicians, towing the Global Warming Alarmist line, would never end.
Even the newly elected French President Sarkozy, has rolled out the usual Global Warming politicians speech.
It seems all politicians fear blaspheming the new Religious Cult, under threat of Political lynching.
With every half-baked Actor, Celebrity, Musician, Politician etc. going on about a subject they have no idea about, in order to appear passionate about a cause, it seems all is lost.
Here is a photo of an old rocker who may turn up at a Global Warming "Rock the wank" concert near you.

No one is safe.

But it appears that one national leader has the courage to resist this avalanche of Hysteria.
Here we see Vaclav Klaus enjoying a guilt free beer, just before he launches an attack on the blind eco-sheep, who may well be unknowing instruments for neo-Marxist theory.
What a mouthful, I might need a beer myself!

Vaclav Klaus Has released a new book that tears the shreds out of modern Global Warming Alarmists. I suggest everybody read the full interview for his book launch, to get a taste of of his poignant attack on what has become a political movement machinating under the guise of an environmental Religion.

He sure does get stuck in to em'!!

With some luck we may see these types sent packing until the next time they try to control the world with mad ideas.

Big thanks to Lubos for his great work sending me the link.

UPDATE: Hilarious Photos of an Old Rocker have disappeared. Damn technology!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Czechs set to drink Greenland.

In 1968, Prague was a flurry of activity.
Anti-Soviet demonstrators took to the streets hoping that a new era would dawn. It was hoped that Soviet oppression would end and a human face of Socialism would prevail.
Put simply, the people of Prague had no hope and would have to wait another 20 odd years to taste freedom.
While unable to taste freedom at the time, they had no problems getting the chance to taste a good beer.

As we see in the photo below, nothing beats having a hotel nearby when conducting civil unrest. Please note that the Czechs drink more beer per capita than anyone else on Earth. (Darwin may have some argument with this stat though)

Before, during and after a Revolution against suppression of Freedom, nothing hits the spot like a good beer.

40 years down the track and the Czechs like the taste of Freedom and beer so much, they are not going to let modern trends stand in the way. With the whole of Europe swept up in Global warming hysteria, only two places in Europe are thumbing their noses at the Alarmists, the Czech Republic and Greenland.

Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus, has recently re-affirmed his strong denial of the Global Warming Hysteria. In previous speeches on the issue, he compared the Global Warming activists to a "new Religion" that replaces the ideology of Communism and threatens to clip basic Freedoms.

The Polarizer would love to give a big *Clink* to Vaclav. Cheers!!!

In fact, I might buy him a beer from Greenland!
Yes, Greenland are getting into brewing their own beer and using glacial water for good measure. Greenland is enjoying a number of benefits from the change of temperature. A good crop of Homebrew is one thing, but an increase in agricultural opportunities are being applauded by locals. An increase in, wait for it, Greenland Global Warming Eco-Tourism has boosted the economy.

So in the great cycle of life on Earth, Greenland and the Czech Republic will approach the future with no fear and increased opportunities.

Of course some would like to get in a time machine and live in 1968. Here, get in this and bugger off back to Soviet Communism.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Big Joe's Winter Offensive

In 1941, Hitler's Panzer Divisions raced across the Soviet Union and were poised to assault Moscow. Big Joe Stalin had just polished off his 15th crate of OP Stolichnaya Vodka, and was sitting in Moscow wondering what to do.

As winter started to set in, the snow slowly built up and the Nazi war machine was stopped in its tracks at the Gates of Moscow. Taking another shot of Vodka, big Joe stood up and said to his Generals, "It's Time". ( Or was that Gough? Anyway, I'll continue with my preamble ramble.)

Having been informed by his spies that Japan would be heading South for the Winter, he packed his boys from Vladivostok on to the Trans-Siberian Railway with a one-way ticket to Moscow.

The Soviet Winter counter-attack was about to begin!!

Yes Polarizer fans, as promised, I am about to start my bloody Winter Campaign. With my return to Central Headquarters, the attack upon gross stupidity will be in full swing.

Global Warming Alarmists, September 11 conspiracy nuts, Militant Extremists, Brain dead Celebrities, Media truth-twisters, Neo-Marxist deranged leftists, Worldwide Despots, insipid Greens and any other deranged Moonbat faction you care to mention will be crushed under the overwhelming weight of The Polarizers poignant posts.

So sit back, relax, pour yourself a hefty measure of Vodka and enjoy