Friday, May 11, 2007

Big Joe's Winter Offensive

In 1941, Hitler's Panzer Divisions raced across the Soviet Union and were poised to assault Moscow. Big Joe Stalin had just polished off his 15th crate of OP Stolichnaya Vodka, and was sitting in Moscow wondering what to do.

As winter started to set in, the snow slowly built up and the Nazi war machine was stopped in its tracks at the Gates of Moscow. Taking another shot of Vodka, big Joe stood up and said to his Generals, "It's Time". ( Or was that Gough? Anyway, I'll continue with my preamble ramble.)

Having been informed by his spies that Japan would be heading South for the Winter, he packed his boys from Vladivostok on to the Trans-Siberian Railway with a one-way ticket to Moscow.

The Soviet Winter counter-attack was about to begin!!

Yes Polarizer fans, as promised, I am about to start my bloody Winter Campaign. With my return to Central Headquarters, the attack upon gross stupidity will be in full swing.

Global Warming Alarmists, September 11 conspiracy nuts, Militant Extremists, Brain dead Celebrities, Media truth-twisters, Neo-Marxist deranged leftists, Worldwide Despots, insipid Greens and any other deranged Moonbat faction you care to mention will be crushed under the overwhelming weight of The Polarizers poignant posts.

So sit back, relax, pour yourself a hefty measure of Vodka and enjoy

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