Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back to Business. And it looks like..........

The religion of fear has finally moved onto the next phase of it's campaign of BS. When all else fails, scare the kids!
This is a sure fire signal that the Global Warming Alarmists have lost all semblance of rationality and pretty soon we will see people turning away in droves from these pack of hyenas.

The tide on this issue, as predicted by the mighty Polarizer, is turning quite rapidly against the Alarmists. More mainstream articles like this one, are popping up everywhere.

But what is more revealing, is the extremes the Global Warming Alarmists are using to push their agenda of fear. They are no longer using scientific debate to prove their point, they are resorting to simulating the death of children!

Take a look for yourself!

When fear doesn't get them, the next step is to appeal to other emotional stimuli. Kids are quite often awestruck by the influence of celebrities, more so when they see their own parents swallowing every piece of misinformed garbage the celebrity happens to be spouting.
Which brings us to the antics of Leonardo DiCaprio and his new found Alarmist associations. Why bother getting a scientist to explain an argument, when you can simply get a publicity seeking celebrity to parrot your agenda!!
Introducing Leonardo DiCaprio FOR KIDS!
Some of the content is harmless enough, but be sure to have a look at some of the suggested reading material. Particularly this book.
WOW! It really is a new Religion!
A Religion for kids!

So I suppose you are wondering how far this is going to go? This whole celebrity/GlobalWarming hype.
Well it has gone this far.
Their is now a Celebrity watching site exclusively for Global Alarmist celebrities!
That's right! No Scientific debate, just pure Celebrity hype.
It's called EcoRazzi and it's enough to make anyone puke. Go on, have a look, I dare you!

And furthermore.
Are the creators and contributors of this web site for dummies, qualified in anyway to hold the moral high ground on the scientific argument?
Read the Bio's, not a scientist amongst them!
It's all about marketing!

I repeat,
Global Warming Alarmists have hit the wall and people will soon wake up to the rubbish we are being fed.


Bozwell said...

DiCaprio--what a muppet!!!

It seems like the better the actor he becomes, the more of a fool it turns him into.

The Polarizer said...

I can't wait to see what kind of crapulance comes up next with these Global Warming Muppets!!

Dee said...

Polarizer, great post. I saw this garbage raising its ugly head again on MSM last week. It looks like the blogosphere is going to have to get back into overdrive to counteract the foolishness. It aggravates the heck out of me that the voices of the scientists who not only disagree but state that findings have been doctored are not heard and only this political dogma is what's hitting the headlines. Even the Liberal Government has been forced to come up with some environmental 'initiatives' to appease the Kyoto fanatics.

Dee said...

Polarizer, have you heard the latest? Tim Flannery, the so-called Australian of the Year wants to give back his award because John Howard doesn't want to destroy our economy for the idiotic Kyoto protocol. Oh boo hoo, my heart bleeds for him.
The Greens have taken it a step further and are committing themselves to a ridiculous 80% reduction in emissions (instead of Kyoto's 60%) What a stupid promise to make. Other countries can't even keep the 60% promise they made. And the whole man-made global warming theory isn't even consensus. It would be lunacy to destroy our economy for the tiniest fraction of any gain (if any at all)