Saturday, March 10, 2007

Oh, and one thing before I go...

The phrase "Jumping the Sharks", came into the vernacular when the tiresome, long running "Happy days" had a moment that signaled the demise of the show.
Running short of ideas, like most people in TV, they decide to create a stunt with the "Fonz" doing a water ski jump over sharks.
The viewers tuned out, the show was axed.

It appears that Channel 10 have set up the ultimate "shark jumping" exercise on the Global Warming debate.
A program called Cool Aid aired last week and by all reports viewers gave it a huge ,un-fonzie like, thumbs down. Not Cool!

Have the Global Alarmists destroyed themselves? Have they been consumed by the Black Hole that they generated from their own Buttholes?

Global warming has "jumped the sharks", in my opinion, and it will not be long until the rats leave the sinking ship.

For more info have a read at Mr Bolt has to say.

See you when I'm looking at ya!


Dee said...

LOL, Polarizer, I love it...Got a good laugh out of this post

Anonymous said...

Yoh! Hit that jukebox and global warming will be gone! Hey, da fonz, click ma fingars, the chicks r all over me too, yah troubles will be over..)except sub-prime mortgages in da USA.) aH THE 50'S..bring McCarthyism .