Thursday, May 17, 2007

Klaus takes on the Marxist Mob.

You would think that the procession of International Politicians, towing the Global Warming Alarmist line, would never end.
Even the newly elected French President Sarkozy, has rolled out the usual Global Warming politicians speech.
It seems all politicians fear blaspheming the new Religious Cult, under threat of Political lynching.
With every half-baked Actor, Celebrity, Musician, Politician etc. going on about a subject they have no idea about, in order to appear passionate about a cause, it seems all is lost.
Here is a photo of an old rocker who may turn up at a Global Warming "Rock the wank" concert near you.

No one is safe.

But it appears that one national leader has the courage to resist this avalanche of Hysteria.
Here we see Vaclav Klaus enjoying a guilt free beer, just before he launches an attack on the blind eco-sheep, who may well be unknowing instruments for neo-Marxist theory.
What a mouthful, I might need a beer myself!

Vaclav Klaus Has released a new book that tears the shreds out of modern Global Warming Alarmists. I suggest everybody read the full interview for his book launch, to get a taste of of his poignant attack on what has become a political movement machinating under the guise of an environmental Religion.

He sure does get stuck in to em'!!

With some luck we may see these types sent packing until the next time they try to control the world with mad ideas.

Big thanks to Lubos for his great work sending me the link.

UPDATE: Hilarious Photos of an Old Rocker have disappeared. Damn technology!


Anonymous said...

Hey Polarizer,
Just a quick note to let you know I'm back (as Aurora)
You can see me here
Hope to see you soon.
P.S. Looks like you've got some good stuff posted. Will be back once I do all my notifications.

Aurora said...

Polarizer, don't you love Vacav Klaus? I think he's a real one to watch. I had a student from the CR who knows him personally. He's really on the ball.

salty dog said...

that beer looks mighty good to me? it has now got to point where you will practically be brow beat into submission if you dare to refute global warming. i wouldnt be suprised if they built gulags for global warming deniers.